February 15, 2023

Singapore’s JCube Mall Set to Close in August, Making Way for CapitaLand’s JCube Residence Condo and Commercial Space

By synergy


Singapore’s JCube Mall is set to close its doors in August 2023, making way for CapitaLand’s JCube Residence condo and commercial space. The news came as a surprise to many tenants and shoppers as the mall had been in operation since 2011.

Located in the heart of Jurong East, JCube has been a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. It is home to a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a popular spot for family outings or leisurely shopping trips.

However, the mall is now set to close its doors in August 2023, as CapitaLand has announced plans to redevelop the area into a new residential and commercial space. This redevelopment is part of the Jurong Lake District, which is part of Singapore’s plans to become a leading global city.

The new development will include commercial space on the first and second storeys, and is expected to be completed by 2027. A sales launch is expected in the second half of 2023. In addition, CapitaLand is working closely with existing tenants of JCube to provide them with the necessary support to ensure a smooth handover of the premises.

This news has come as a shock to many tenants and shoppers, as many were unaware of the impending closure. Some had heard rumours of the closure a few weeks prior, but only received confirmation on Tuesday. The mall’s closure will also affect the local community, as JCube was an important part of the neighbourhood.

Many retail staff of JCube tenants were caught by surprise by news of the impending closure – except for one. Noelle Kok, who opened shop in the mall’s basement in mid-January, said he knew about the closure before signing the contract. He said: “We’re fully aware of what’s going on. It’s quite a fair deal. So the news wasn’t shocking to me.”

The small eatery, Yung Yung, which has another outlet at Bishan, is known for its bubble tea and Yaowarat-style buns. The outlet at JCube is meant to be a pop-up shop, and its contract is supposed to end in late April.

CapitaLand Development (Singapore) (CLD) is working with tenants to provide them with the necessary support to ensure a smooth handover of the premises and, where practicable, on their future plans. CLD stated that notices were sent by registered mails and emails to the authorised representatives of JCube tenants before the news release was issued in February.

Many staff members are unsure of what the future holds for them. Some said they would probably be transferred to another outlet, but would wait for their management to finalise any plans. Others expressed sadness, as they had been working and living in Jurong East for many years.

Michael Chong, an outlet executive at pawn shop ValueMax, said: “Frankly speaking, it’s a bit sad. I’ve been passing by this mall almost every day. I stay nearby; my secondary school is nearby. I can still remember the days we’d come here to ice skate and watch movies.”

The closure of JCube will be a loss for the local community, as it was a popular spot for shopping and leisurely outings. However, the new development is part of Singapore’s plans to become a leading global city, and will bring new opportunities for the area. The new residential and commercial space is expected to be completed by 2027, and a sales launch is expected in the second half of 2023.

In the meantime, CapitaLand is working closely with JCube tenants to provide them with the necessary support to ensure a smooth handover of the premises. The closure of JCube may be bittersweet for some, but it is an opportunity for the local community to look towards the future.

Singapore’s JCube mall in Jurong East Central is set to close down on Aug 6 to make way for a 40-storey residential development and accompanying commercial space. The new development, targeted for completion in 2027, is part of the Government’s plans to bring new homes, businesses, recreational facilities and amenities to the Jurong Lake District.

The closure of the mall will mean the end of Singapore’s only Olympic-size ice-skating rink and a training venue for national athletes from the Singapore Ice Skating Association and the Singapore Ice Hockey Association. In response to queries from The Straits Times, a Sport Singapore spokesman said the organisation is working with the respective national sports associations for ice sports on plans for alternative facilities to support athletes’ short- and long-term training needs.

JCube, which opened in May 2022, is home to more than 130 retailers and food and beverage outlets including the flagship outlet of pasta takeaway kiosk PastaGo. The mall also houses a cinema, bowling alley and a variety of entertainment and lifestyle options.

CapitaLand said it is working closely with the tenants and providing the necessary support to ensure a smooth handover of the premises. CapitaLand also said that it is providing assistance to tenants who have signed leases to support them in finding alternative locations.

The new residential development, JCube Residence, is expected to be launched for sale in the second half of 2023 and will be linked directly to the Jurong East MRT interchange station, Westgate and IMM Building via J-Walk, which is a covered elevated pedestrian network in the district. The planned development will also be linked to the upcoming Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub, which will include an air-conditioned bus interchange, a public library, a community club and a sports centre, among other commercial spaces.

JCube Residence is expected to become Singapore’s largest business district outside the central area, providing about 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes between 2040 and 2050. The development is also expected to JCube Condo add to the one million residents already living in Singapore’s west region, CapitaLand added.

PastaGo co-founder Edwin Lim said the company is hoping to find a suitable replacement in Jurong because of its ideal demographic and vibrant food and beverage scene. He said that when the company was negotiating with CapitaLand on a three-year lease in February 2022, there was no mention that JCube would be closing down to make way for a residential development.

“Maybe malls such as Jurong Point, Jem and Westgate, but we are expecting the rental there to be much higher,” Mr Lim said. He added that employees at PastaGo’s JCube outlet will be transferred to its new outlet at Hillion Mall in Bukit Panjang, which is slated to open in March.

The closure of JCube has been met with mixed reactions. While some are sad to see the mall go, others are looking forward to the new development and the benefits it will bring to the area. Recreational figure skater Willis Lau, 24, called the closure of the ice rink a “shame”.

“This will mean that many skaters would lose a key practice venue. This is especially important for competitive skaters,” said Mr Lau, who has been skating at JCube once or twice a week since 2017.

Adding that he hopes a replacement rink will open soon, Mr Lau, a fourth-year environmental studies student at the National University of Singapore, said his ice-skating plans after the rink’s closure remain uncertain.

“I am likely going abroad for a year, so I will shift overseas for ice-skating. But not many people are given this opportunity,” he said. “I think I might go to Kallang if a new rink does not open by the time I am back or I might just stop skating if the ice conditions at Kallang are not up to par.”

The closure of JCube marks a new chapter in the development of the Jurong Lake District. While the change will mean the loss of a much-loved mall, it is also a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of Singapore and its commitment to providing new and exciting opportunities for its citizens.

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